TRACO & SEARON 于2018年10月在北京召开了回顾与展望会谈。



TRACO & SEARON had holds a review and outlook meeting in Beijing in October 2018.

The meeting summarized the work of 2018, affirmed the achievements of both sides, and reached consensus on in-depth cooperation and market development in the coming year.

2018 is undoubtedly a difficult and changeable market. Under the influence of many factors, uncertain factors have emerged in the market. In the field of wind power and new energy, market demand has slowed down and competition has become more intense. The shortage of market funds creates obstacles to sales and is reflected in performance data. With the efforts of the team, through opening up new potential customers and new demands, the overall performance of 2018 is expected to be over-fulfilled. This is the result of overcoming the difficulties of the team, and it is worth learning and promoting. The two sides also put forward new prospects for the coming year.

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